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  • Licensed, Insured, IICRC accredited & EPA certified.
  • Prompt assessment from Certified Microbial Inspectors.
  • We work directly with Insurance Companies.
  • Reduce Harmful Air in Your Home / High- quality equipment.
  • Re-construction to restore damaged areas.

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    What you need to know about mold in Crawl Spaces?

    Did you know that mold can grow on, basically, any wet surface? And when we say "on any surface" we mean exactly that: if you carefully examine your house, you will probably find an area that you do not usually clean commonly, you probably do not even remember that they exists: crawl spaces. All houses have one or more crawl spaces. And believe it or not, mold spores love to grow in those areas. Why? Because they are surfaces that are usually wet or in constant contact with water... Learn more

    Why you should never remove mold by yourself ?.

    We probably don't have to explain what mold is, as it is a very common problem. However, we consider that it is important to recommend that you do not try to eliminate mold by yourself, as this can be extremely risky for you and your health. Contrary to what many people think, mold is not dirt, nor is it dust. Mold is a fungus that activates and grows the more humidity there is on a surface or in the environment...Learn more

    Our mission

    We will provide you with the highest quality mold removal service you will ever get. We remove mold professionally and safely. We offer a specialized job focused on different complications caused by mold, paying attention to every detail in order to give you a service according to your needs. There are different kinds of mold scenarios, and we have different services for you to solve any complication, no matter how challenging it may seem. Our clients and their well-being are the most important thing to us.

    You can trust us

    Mold removal is a very delicate task, since your well-being and health are at risk. Our accreditations and more than 15 years of experience support our work, as well as thousands of happy customers who have tried and recommended our services. We analyze every case carefully. Trust us your mold complication and leave that complicated job in professional hands. You won’t have to worry about this problem anymore!.

    • When I hired their mold testing service I thought it would be something more annoying or complicated, but you guys did a wonderful job. My office is mold free and it’s because of your amazing work.
      Beth D. Thomas
    • A magnificent mold removal service. They were honest, professional and very trustful. My house is finally mold free, because of the wonderful job they did. I highly recommend this service, because is very complete!
      William K. Reese
    • I asked for a mold testing service and I now I feel such a relief: my house is mold free, finally. I never thought I had mold spores in my garage! They were very professional and reliable.
      Monica G. Walker
    • Thanks for providing me such a wonderful mold removal service. I have dealt with other mold companies but only you guys gave me the professional service I needed.
      Barbara J. Parsons

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