Sometimes, people don’t think the presence of mold is anything but a fungal growth. But some varieties of mold are very toxic, like black mold, and not recognizing them, can result in major contamination in your house.

You need to be aware of certain steps to take to keep your house free of contamination. Some may require help from professionals, and others may not. For example, if you get a moldy smell in the house, you need to call in the professionals for mold inspections. The presence of damp or leaks also indicates the presence of high mold levels behind walls or in the air.

Do look out for health problems that could be caused by the presence of mold. The most common are allergies and asthma attacks, accompanied by symptoms like skin rash, eye irritation, headaches, runny nose, sneezing, coughs and respiratory problems. The affected individual should be removed from the house immediately.

Be very careful if you want to do a do-it-yourself mold removal project. If you have attic mold, don’t do it yourself – irrespective of the precautions you take, you may hit your head on a rafter, fall through the ceiling, or step on a nail. This should be left to the professionals.

In conclusion, it is most important for you to not just eliminate mold and mildew from your house, but also remove the source of the contamination i.e. damp. You should ensure all leaks are tested and fixed, and areas prone to dampness should be aired out and kept dry. Think of ways to prevent moisture building up in your home, so you can prevent recurrences of mold in your house as well.